8th Grade Math


Standards & Frameworks

The Mathematics Framework, adopted by the State Board of Education in 2013, includes grade level/course content, instructional strategies, universal access, and technology supports

Big Ideas Math

Digital access to the district adopted Big Ideas Math curriculum for middle school

Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative

Access to a digital library of perfomance taks, assessments, and instructional tools

Fostering Math Practices
Fostering Math Practices

Resources to help support all students in math


Free math software tools, including a robust graphing and scientific calculator, and access to a large library of digital classroom activities

Illustrative Math

Online math curriculum resources, including math discussions, tasks, and lesson ideas

Elementary District Resources

This shared Google drive folder will be the hub for elementary resources used district-wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Click the Year At-A-Glance (one pager) for your grade level.

Click the link corresponding to the unit online or click the bolded, yellow link next to the unit title on the Year At-A-Glance.

 In all math scope & sequence documents, essential standards are bolded and supporting standards are not.  On the unit guides, essential standards fall under Question 1, “What do we expect our students to learn?” and supporting standards fall under Question 3, “How will we respond if they already know it?”

Assessment information is linked on the Year At-A-Glance and in the Unit Guides under Question 2, “How will we know they are learning?”n Content

District adopted text(s), tasks, and activities can be found in the Unit Guides under Question 2, “How will we know they are learning?”

Materials to support creating assessments, grading & proficiency scales can be found in the Unit Guides under Question 2, “How will we know they are learning?”

Find out how re-engagement is different from re-teaching by clicking the link found in the Unit Guides under Question 4, “How will we respond if they don’t learn it?”

Highlighted portions indicate Comments.  Click the comment to see the rationale behind design team decisions

Contact the Secondary Math Team

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